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  • Eclectic Edibles - The Feijoa (Pineapple Guava)

    Welcome to my new blog article series Eclectic Edibles, where we take a deep dive into the delights of the not-so-common fruits and vegetables, that we think everyone should absolutely try or at least be aware of.

    Today's underappreciated niche fruit is the feijoa, also known as pineapple guava, or Acca sellowiana. This South American native is, in my opinion, a horticultural delight and testament to nature's creativity, and the fruit itself can be quite

  • Rooting Pomegranate Cuttings - Two Different Methods Explored



    I had the chance to root around 100 pomegranate cuttings using two different techniques this year.
    I lost a few cuttings, but for the most part had good success using two methods that are also commonly used to propagate figs:


  • The Art of Propagating Fig Cuttings: Revisiting One-Node Cuttings

    The Versatility of Figs

    Fig trees – the unsung heroes of sustainable homesteading and (should be) a mainstay in the world of sustainable and organic farming. As a self-sufficient homesteader, I've always admired the resilience and versatility of figs. However, last year, my first foray into the world of attempting to up my propagation game by rooting one-node fig cuttings was met with admittedly pretty terrible results. That time, I planted them directly into