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  • About Us


    The GoGrow family is from rural Appalachia - the main author found himself early on in life enchanted by two seemingly distinct worlds: the boundless realm of nature and the exciting frontier of technology. Growing up for him was a mix of things like catching crawdads down by his creek, playing a LOT of video games, and nurturing an innate interest in plants and fungi on his family farm.

    His love for unique ecosystems flourished through trips to local parks, forests,

  • The GoGrow Planning, Homesteading, and Image Annotation App

    The Idea of the GoGrow App

    Over the past few months, I've been working on a solution for managing my projects and organizing the information about them on my lot. As a homesteader, gardener, and orchard enthusiast, I found it particularly tricky to keep up on what and where all the plants, trees, and critical infrastructure around my lot were. Despite exploring quite a few different mapping, planners, and gardening apps, none seemed to tick all the

  • Welcome to GoGrow

    Welcome to GoGrow: Where Technology and Nature Intertwine

    Hello, folks! Welcome to my corner of the world, GoGrow - a blog that chronicles my exploration into creating a sustainable, tech-friendly homestead. It's a place where we learn from the land and delve into the realms of technology and nature in harmony. Buckle in as we dive into the exciting intersection of bytes and botany!