Welcome to GoGrow: Where Technology and Nature Intertwine

Hello, folks! Welcome to my corner of the world, GoGrow - a blog that chronicles my exploration into creating a sustainable, tech-friendly homestead. It's a place where we learn from the land and delve into the realms of technology and nature in harmony. Buckle in as we dive into the exciting intersection of bytes and botany!


The GoGrow Homesteading Journey Starts...

My personal journey with homesteading and self-sustanability in particular started with a tiny planting of a few apple, pear, and peach trees - but as with trading cards, having only a few good specimens won't make a stellar deck. With the ever increasing number of trees and shrubs I "needed" to trial for the homestead, I found myself grappling with a problem. "What variety was this tree again? When did I plant that berry bush? Oh no! The tag is gone! What rootstock is that thing on?"

Tracking the progress and remembering the details of all of the things on my homestead had turned into quite the puzzle. As an ardent lover of technology, I set out to devise a solution.


GoGrow Blog: Nurturing a Community

This blog, GoGrow, is my corner of the internet where I share my expedition into the confluence of technology and nature. You can look forward to insightful discussions about practical tech solutions, sustainable practices, and intriguing plant and fungi varieties, and much more. While I'll occasionally touch on the GoGrow app's development and feature updates, the GoGrow blog is about much more than just that. This blog will serve as a repository of my experiences - the successes and failures - to help all of us learn, share, and grow.

I'm excited to delve into the intricacies of homesteading, discuss the latest in tech trends that can aid our journey towards self-sustainability, and marvel at the amazing world of plants, animals, and fungi together.


GoGrow App: Does More Than Just Image Annotation and Mapping

Born out of necessity, the GoGrow App started as my personal project. It was designed to map, track, and journal the journey of my orchard and gardens, and all of the plants and trees in them. But as I explored more potential features and use-cases, I realized the app could be extended to do a lot more than just keep track of a garden! GoGrow blossomed far beyond Its initial purpose. Since then, It's evolved into a versatile tool for managing both the built and natural elements of a homestead or map.

It's also designed to accept any image, from a screenshot of your favorite aerial map service, to a simple picture of your square foot garden taken from a phone. With the advances in aerial drone photography, the possibilities are endless.

GoGrow grew (pun absolutely intended) into an indispensable project planner, to-do list, and personal journal. Whether planting new trees, fixing gates, or remembering to buy supplies, GoGrow keeps me organized and on track. And here's the kicker: GoGrow is all about privacy. This app doesn't phone home or share your data. It's all yours, safely and privately kept on your device, and able to be backed up and restored. Even the pirates of yore, stashing their treasures, would have envied this level of privacy in their maps! After all, X marks the spot, and only you need to know where that is. Of course, the GoGrow app is merely another tool in our tech-nature toolbox and not the entire kit.


Let's Grow Together

So, welcome aboard this journey at GoGrow! We're just getting started and there's a whole world of discoveries awaiting us. With every post, we'll explore a new facet of our tech-infused natural world, bringing us one step closer to our goal of a harmonious homestead. Let's set forth on this adventure together. I can't wait to see where this road takes us - in my opinion, there's never been a better time to learn about the world around us and the technology that makes our modern life possible.

Welcome to GoGrow! Here's to growing together, in every sense of the word.